JMF Viva La Ice PrincessJMF Viva La Ice Princess

2020 Congratulations are in Order!!! 🐴❤

Well it’s about that time of year when we get to send out HUGE congratulations and our appreciation to those who purchased horses from us during the year!! Okay, I’m a little bit late, but who doesn’t use COVID as an excuse for stuff!! 😂

Without our faithful, wonderful customers, we would not be able to do what we do – continue to produce wonderful black Morgans to share with the World!! 🤩 So thanks a MILLION!!!!

Okay, I need to go WAAAY back to the beginning of 2020, BEFORE all the COVID-19 craziness began!! A wonderful past customer emailed about a nice black filly. Well we had the perfect one for her!!

😍 JMF Viva La Ice Princess 😍
(LV Viva La Master Plan X JMF Twice The Ice)

Jennifer O’Neil from Wolcott, CT jumped at the chance to own this pretty, friendly filly with the HIGH steppin’ trot!! 🙂 She is livin’ the dream as they say and we hope to hear great things from her in the future!!

Congratulations Jennifer and we wish you many wonderful years with Viva!! 🥰

JMF Viva La Ice Princess

JMF Viva La Ice Princess

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Dragonsmeade Sirita2020 Congratulations #2 is in Order!!!

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