Dragonsmeade SiritaDragonsmeade Sirita

2020 Congratulations #2 is in Order!!! 🐴❤

We would next like to congratulate Joe Zehr and Henry Stoltzfus on their purchase of the absolutely wonderful mare:

❤ Dragonsmeade Sirita ❤
(And The Beat Goes On X HVK Noble Wine)

It was very difficult to let this mare go – but sometimes when someone truly wants a horse, you must do what’s best for them!! Henry was very excited to have Sirita and breed her to some amazing stallions that they have nearby in Kentucky! 🙂

Sirita presented Henry with a wonderful bay stud colt by Cruise N Fast!! He’s supposed to be pretty nice – and he’s available!! So if you’re in the market for a nice colt, let me know and I’ll hook you up!! 😉

We wish Henry the BEST of luck with Sirita and her future foals there!! 😅

Dragonsmeade Sirita

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