Claymore's Ice HawkClaymore's Ice HawkClaymore's Ice Hawk

2020 Congratulations #4 is in Order!!! 🐴❤

A lot of you will already be well aware of this sale!! 🥰 This one makes me chuckle because I thought to myself at the beginning, who will buy a BAY colt from us?? LOL

Well I posted this little buckaroo for sale one evening – by the time I woke up the next morning, I had FOUR people that wanted to buy him!!!! 😳😂

Claymore’s Ice Hawk
(JMF Ice Fire N’ Shadow X Stand Sure Rosena)

Brooke Strohm was POISED to make a purchase, she had been thinking for some time about selecting a JMF horse from us!! Well when that little bay face showed up on her feed – that was IT!! He was SOLD!!! And he was!!! 😂

Solo, as he is affectionately called, is now in the loving care of Brooke along with her Mom Barbara A. Guitas cheering her on!! This little man has a BIG future ahead of him and we couldn’t be more thrilled for both Brooke and Solo!! We wish them the BEST of luck to achieve all your dreams!!!
Now for all of you Ice Hawk enthusiasts who did not get the chance to purchase him, we want you to know there is a FULL sibling coming in 2021 that will (most likely 😉 ) be available!!! So STAY TUNED!!! 🥰

Claymore's Ice Hawk

Claymore’s Ice Hawk

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